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Observing a Pseudoboa coronata in French Guiana

Hello and welcome to my homepage. I'm an evolutionary biologist mainly interested in the processes that helped shape diversity, as well as species delineation and population genetics. I did my PhD at the Evolution and Biological Diversity (EDB) lab in Toulouse (France) on the evolutionary history and biogeography of the frogs from the Guiana Shield. Frogs are quite fascinating creatures that display a large array of life history traits. This diversity is particularly striking in the tropics. They are also threatened worldwide and much effort is needed to study and protect them.

Currently, I'm a scientific coordinator at BUFO, a French NGO dedicated to herp conservation in the upper Rhine Valley, where I work on conservation and monitoring of amphibians and reptiles.

You can reach me through my e-mail address: jpvacher(at)


Checklist of amphibians of France

Checklist of reptiles of France
- updated 2018-09-15

Checklist of amphibians of French Guiana
- updated 2019-02-07


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